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Job Description

OMC Smokehouse utility personnel often work in a close knit team comprised of 1-3 members. Persons within the utility team work in various outlets of the company; ranging from entry level prep, cleaning crew and dish washing. Hours vary and range from 7 in the morning until 2 the next morning.

Essential Functions

  • Properly clean all dishes, glasses, cups, silverware, pots, and pans within basic sanitary guidelines.
  • Utilize proper handling of all glasses and dishwashers to avoid breakage.
  • Clean & maintain the proper working condition of your dish washing machine.
  • Stock the kitchen and service area with necessary supplies in the proper place of storage.
  • Clean areas as assigned to the position
  • Discard trash, recycling, and compost to the proper bins.
  • Operate various pieces of kitchen equipment as assigned, reports malfunctioning equipment.
  • Reports unsafe conditions and suggests possible solutions.
  • Prepares food properly using recipes in order to produce a standard product.


  • Competitive Industry Wages
  • Discounted and Free Meals
  • Vacation (Full time)
  • Health Insurance